What Is Exquisite Attention?

Exquisite Attention is an individual service for you, where you receive my full attention on Skype. How you use that attention is up to you.

Exquisite Attention is an individual service for you, if you

  • are curious to discover more of your potential, become more intentional in your life and work,
  • want to strategically invest in your personal and professional growth, and
  • believe that asking for help is something that improves your effectiveness.

It happens on Skype, a session usually lasts about an hour, and it happens when you need it.

Exquisite Attention is…

…Like a Challenging and Loving Mirror.

Mentoring Mirror

Mentoring Mirror

Sessions include sharing stories, co-creating understanding and awareness, discovering options for new choices. I’ll help you see potential in you that you haven’t seen yourself.

…Like a Confidence booster.

Don't Be

Don’t Be by @gapingvoid

My attention is exquisite because I appreciate you as you are. I’ll guide your attention to your strengths. We’ll find find out what only you can do. We can sharpen your profile.

…Like a Compassionate critic.

I’ll help you love what you do.

Invest in strategic learning and growth.
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