Temenos Videos

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Siraj Sirajuddin, who has developed the Temenos format over many years, has created six videos to introduce you to the main aspects of his creation. I collected them here for easy access. 1. Introduction to Temenos – Archetypes, Dynamics and Forces of the Transformation Container 2. The Vision Container 3. The Archetypal Container 4. The Dynamics […]


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(Joint post with Michael Sahota) What is Temenos? Temenos is a Greek word for a transformational container, such as a cut off piece of land dedicated to a king or god. It is a contained space of spiritual importance. Temenos is also the name of a special kind of experiential laboratory (usually delivered as a […]

Transformation Stance

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Transformation Stance

One of my take-aways from last week’s CultureCon2012 in Philadelphia was deepened understanding in the stance needed for influencers in a transformation. This post will give you a summary—depending on feedback and energy I’ll go deeper in later posts.