Special Offer: Temenos Coaching at Agile2013

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Do you have a specific situation you’re struggling with? A context in your life that doesn’t fulfill your vision? Michael Sahota and Olaf Lewitz offer Temenos Coaching at Agile2013. It’s free to try, you pay by value. To reserve your time slot of one hour, talk to us or tweet us @MichaelSahota or @OlafLewitz. To […]

Culture Fitness Training Berlin – First Impressions

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First Culture Fitness Training On Monday and Tuesday I ran the first Culture Fitness Training in Berlin. The idea and the content was co-created with Steve Holyer. Culture Fitness Training is an open interactive workshop designed to make sense of and influence the culture of an organisation. It’s based on my Culture and Climate Check, […]

Finding your Vision

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Without vision, you go blind. You depend on others telling you where to go. My friend and VisionTemenos fellow Christopher Newlin posted this week on Moving Forward: Finding Your Vision Everybody wants to know where they are going. Unfortunately a lot of people have no idea where they want to be (a state of being). […]

OOP2014 – Soft Skills are the New Hard Skills

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[amazon asin=”B00CO8CRDY” template=”simpleimage”] Reading Tobias Mayer’s “The People’s Scrum” I stumbled upon an article he’s written in 2009: Heartfelt Emotionalism is the New Hardcore (available now as excerpt from the book). I fully agree with what he says about “touchy-feely” being a label that’s used when we don’t have the courage to open up at work. The […]

Speed Temenos

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Update: Martin Gondermann blogged about a Speed Temenos I hosted at Softwerkskammer Frankfurt. Last week I had the pleasure to run a 90 minute speed version of the Temenos lab at the XP2013 conference in Vienna. After attending Temenos academy in May and learning about different options to design the workshop, I wanted to try […]

Temenos Academy: Interview

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I had the pleasure to participate in the first Temenos Academy in May. It was a 10 day intense immersion into the lab, its design and facilitation. We got and gave a lot of valuable feedback and learned together. I’m proud to have been part of it and especially glad that Christine Neidhardt joined me. […]

Temenos: Containers for Growing Relationships

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(Joint post with Michael Sahota) “If we’re serious about exploring the world around us, we have to explore the world within us.” Ken Robinson The Temenos container provides a powerful mental model for understanding and improving relationships with others. Often we do not consider the larger context of the situations we are in. When we […]

Influence Maps for Authentic Connections

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(joint post with Michael Sahota) In the course of our lives, we all encounter events that shape us, allow us to change and grow, that have made us who we are. We don’t tend to acknowledge or appreciate these events, and we rarely share them. Understanding our own path, reflecting how we became who we […]

Temenos Videos

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Siraj Sirajuddin, who has developed the Temenos format over many years, has created six videos to introduce you to the main aspects of his creation. I collected them here for easy access. 1. Introduction to Temenos – Archetypes, Dynamics and Forces of the Transformation Container 2. The Vision Container 3. The Archetypal Container 4. The Dynamics […]


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(Joint post with Michael Sahota) What is Temenos? Temenos is a Greek word for a transformational container, such as a cut off piece of land dedicated to a king or god. It is a contained space of spiritual importance. Temenos is also the name of a special kind of experiential laboratory (usually delivered as a […]