Thank You For ALE2011

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Thank You For ALE2011

As you may have noticed, during the last months I’ve been part of an amazing team that organised a conference. The event is called ALE2011 and just finished last Friday. It was amazing. I’m still trying to sort my thoughts and learnings, and I do not want to compare it with other (un)conferences, but the organisation […]

Why I Love the Linchpin Book

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My friend Jurgen Appelo recently wrote a review of Linchpin—Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin. He says it’s simplistic, “purple crap”, and calls Seth a Single Strategy God. When I started reading that post, I was first a bit put off by the language… But as I’m quite used to Jurgen being blunt (which he attributes to […]

ALE2011 Unconference in Berlin – Status Updates

When And Where? Robert Buchholz made the very intelligent suggestion to add the date of the event to this post. The conference will happen on September 7-9, 2011 in Berlin. Venue is being selected… And now we also have a website. Updates I’ll stop updating this page with sofa fellow changes and commitments now, as […]

How to be an Explorer of the World

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Recently got a book in my hands which contains simple, yet amazing tips on how to treat the world like an artist and reflect on what you experience in your world: Write down ten things about the place you’re sitting which you did not recognise when you sat down. Use your senses. Do it quickly. […]

Dan Pink on Motivation

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Watch this awesome TED talk by Daniel Pink on Motivation: I’ve read his books, A Whole New Mind and Drive, last year, and they changed the way I think about management. Reviews will follow….

April 1st

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An awesome day. Several things I need to tell you… Some of which might be true. I decided to start blogging every day. We’ll see how that goes. I got a book, highly recommended my my friend Michael Sahota, started reading the first 5 pages, and have been sucked in. Review coming up… The ScrumAlliance […]

Du bist ein Genie

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Dies ist die Einleitung des Buches „Linchpin” von Seth Godin, welches ich gerade lese. Leider ist es noch nicht in deutscher Übersetzung erhältlich. Wer sich also einen Eindruck auf Deutsch machen möchte, hier meine Übersetzung der ersten drei Abschnitte: Du bist ein Genie Wenn ein Genie jemand mit außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten ist und so einsichtig, dass […]

2011 is the Year of the Linchpin

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This is not a book review. This is a statement. A confession. A call-to-arms. I am a Linchpin. It took years to become one, but only minutes to learn what we’re called. My friend Mike Sutton told me last summer I should read the book, but some things need their right moment in time… I started […]