Innovation Requires Forgiveness

Innovation Requires Forgiveness

Safe-to-fail experiments for product and process are not enough. We also need safe-to-fail interactions for people. Innovation requires forgiveness. Last week at Agile2014, I did this pecha kucha in the lightning talk session on “People“. This is my abstract: Innovation Requires Forgiveness Teams and organisation fostering innovation and creativity struggle with a motivational challenge after a […]

Wie wird man Politik im Unternehmen los?

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Wie wird man Politik im Unternehmen los?

Politik im Unternehmen wächst wie Kalk in Kaffeemaschinen. Sie ist Nebeneffekt nützlicher und hilfreicher Aktivitäten. Und bremst. Wie werden wir sie los? Keynote: Politik im Unternehmen Melanie Wohnert hat mich eingeladen, beim German Testing Day am 1. Juli in Berlin die eröffnende Keynote zu halten. Das Programm Komitee hatte mein Pecha Kucha bei der OOP […]

The Most Targeted Visual Marketing Process Ever

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I’m just back home from Orlando, Florida, after an intensive and inspiring week at the Agile2014 conference. Among many kind encounters during the conference experience one stood out as especially generous and amazing: The personalised Tweet T-Shirts printed by TargetProcess. Targeted Visual Marketing at its best. Lovely. Targeted Visual Marketing This is what Michael […]

De-Scaling Inspirations

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De-Scaling Inspirations

De-Scale Your Organisation! You deserve to love what you do. Our environment has not evolved in a way that helps us realising that. This talk explains why and how that is so, and what to do to make it better. Like physical systems our organizations build up scales or blockages during healthy function and growth. We’re […]

Co-Aching Session

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Yesterday at the AgileCoachCamp Germany I hosted a session called “Co-Aching — How to use empathy and compassion when coaching becomes hard”. It was 60 min long, after which we took time for debrief and feedback. This post explains the purpose and mechanics of the workshop. This session was co-developed with Michael Sahota. We’ll run it […]

Soft Skills are the new Hard Skills at OOP 2015

This year, I hosted the “Soft Skills are new Hard Skills” track at OOP, a main German software conference. It was rated the best track of the conference according to attendees’ feedback. Apparently the audience was interested in soft skills. We want to repeat the success and satisfy the participants needs and wants. Submissions for 2015 […]

Reduce Politics—Improve Culture!

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Last week, I gave a talk at ACE! conference in Krakow. Resonance was great! @OlafLewitz Your presentation touch my heart because in my past I had to hide my feelings in my workplace. I hate politics don't add value ! — João Cerdeira (@jacerdeira) June 23, 2014 This is the video: And the slides: ACE! […]

275 Participants in Temenos at JAX

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One week ago, in Mainz, Christine and I hosted our largest Temenos so far… This is what happened. Translation of this German post. 13:20. A large ballroom with 80 tables, five chairs each. Some already take a seat. 20 hosts are excited. 13:25. The hosts begin to guide people to free tables. The room is filling up. We […]

Contexts and Perspectives

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I’m participating in microTOOL’s user conference. Today I listened to Peter Gerstbach‘s talk on “The Six Top Secret Concepts of Business Analysis”. Two things were inspiring me: Conversation Game Peter uses the model in conversations with clients using dice. Independent of your starting point (IME mostly the solution – “we want a new CRM system”), […]

How Play4Agile Changed My Life

How Play4Agile Changed My Life

Play4Agile has been the most transformative gathering I’ve attended. It’s been substantial in my personal growth, and the connections I’ve made in the agile community. This is my P4A story… How It Started Long after online interactions with the XP crowd in 98-01, my first real-life contact with the agile community was ScrumGathering 09 in […]