Thank You, 2011!

Thank You, 2011!

2011 has been an awesome and truly transformative year for me, maybe the most important in my life so far. The primary reason was that a number of new real options emerged that gave me opportunities to create value for myself and others in ways that I wouldn’t have expected one year ago. I’m very […]

ALE2011—The WHY: Vision and Purpose

ALE2011—The WHY: Vision and Purpose

I started to write about our amazing organisational model two weeks ago. Before that, we created a vision using StrategicPlay, wrote about What’s In It For Me… Yet still people keep asking WHY. As I value the persons asking me highly, I take this as a clear sign that our purpose has still not been visible […]

The FirstFollower is what Transforms a Lone Nut into a Leader

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Yves Hanoulle pointed me in his blog to a concept that I think he has heard about from Chris Matts. I love inspirations from awesome coaches🙂 First Follower To create a movement, someone has to start and become the leader. But as long as this someone stays alone, s/he is not yet a leader, s/he’s […]

Compassion—the Power of Vulnerability

I’ve learned a lot about myself in the conversations at AgileCoachCamp US. I talked with Michael Sahota, Dave Sharrock, Siraj Sirajuddin, Pascal Pinck and others about various topics, a prominent being the influence maps that Siraj had multiple sessions on during the camp. Today, Gerry Kirk posted a TED talk by Brene Brown that gave me […]

Anarchy with a Purpose—a Model for Emergent Awesomeness

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Anarchy with a Purpose—a Model for Emergent Awesomeness

An amazing crowd of volunteers organised the first gathering of the Agile Lean Europe network, ALE2011. It happened last week, and being part of the organisation team has not only been an honour and a pleasure, but also the most successful project I was ever involved with. Why? Because the organisation was emergent, the leadership and responsibility […]

Thank You For ALE2011

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Thank You For ALE2011

As you may have noticed, during the last months I’ve been part of an amazing team that organised a conference. The event is called ALE2011 and just finished last Friday. It was amazing. I’m still trying to sort my thoughts and learnings, and I do not want to compare it with other (un)conferences, but the organisation […]

Spotting the Balance

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At the AgileCoachCamp Germany last weekend, I hosted a session about Balance. As coaches, we are working on edges. Between order and chaos, command and self-organisation, the status quo and the status to be… Some of these edges we need to guard so that people don’t cross them. Some others we need to guard so that people […]

Katrin @Cuxdu Elster, Awesome Facilitator

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Some of you might have noticed the “Awesome Coach of the Week” series on the agile42 blog. It’s my way of giving back to the community what I’ve so selfishly taken from it during the last two years—positive energy. Yet, it is focused on Agile Coaches, and some of the awesome people I know have […]

Awesome Coaches of the Week

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Starting with Richard Lawrence in April, I’ve since then written one blog post per week about peers and friends that I value greatly as being awesome coaches. The name of the series is Awesome Coaches of the Week and it’s on the blog of the awesome company I work for: agile42. The first person who spots […]

How To Organise a Conference

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As you might have noticed if you follow this blog or read my tweets… Things that happened in Madrid and during the last weeks on LinkedIn have led to the situation that we’re now organising a conference in Berlin. ALE2011 The ALE2011 will take place on Sept 7-9 in Berlin. It’ll be a non-profit, community-driven […]