Awesome Coaches of the Week

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Starting with Richard Lawrence in April, I’ve since then written one blog post per week about peers and friends that I value greatly as being awesome coaches. The name of the series is Awesome Coaches of the Week and it’s on the blog of the awesome company I work for: agile42. The first person who spots […]

AgileCoachCamp Norway – Day 2

Last weekend I went to the AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011 (#accn) which I organised with Sergey Dmitriev, Geir Amsjø and a few others… We made it happen. It was amazing. I wrote about the first day of the unconference here. Open Space—Continued… The morning started after a short night’s sleep with an awesome breakfast—are all Norwegian hotels that […]

AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011 – Day 1

Just arrived home from the AgileCoachCamp Norway 2011 (#accn). Full of inspirations, connections, ideas… I think there is no better way to spend a weekend than an AgileCoachCamp. That’s why Sergey Dmitriev and I started working on the idea of a Norwegian CoachCamp after the XP2010 conference in Trondheim. A few friends and colleagues joined […]