Impressions from ALE2011—Day 1

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Impressions from ALE2011—Day 1

After my first Thank You last weekend (which I feel inclined to repeat: Thank you all for making it an amazing experience!) I’ll now write up my impressions in a timeline, focussing on my learnings. Preparation Last Tuesday I went to the venue around lunchtime to meet early-arriving peers for preparation. We went to lunch […]

Thank You For ALE2011

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Thank You For ALE2011

As you may have noticed, during the last months I’ve been part of an amazing team that organised a conference. The event is called ALE2011 and just finished last Friday. It was amazing. I’m still trying to sort my thoughts and learnings, and I do not want to compare it with other (un)conferences, but the organisation […]

Influencial Book List

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Influencial Book List

There’s an abundance of lists with Agile books out there, the Essential Agile Reading List by Pat Kua, InfoQ Recommended Agile Books, there’s even an AgileBooks blog. I even created a book and link list myself a while ago, but didn’t update it for quite a while… Two good ones have recently been published or updated: Jurgen Appelo sorts […]

Why I Love the Linchpin Book

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My friend Jurgen Appelo recently wrote a review of Linchpin—Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin. He says it’s simplistic, “purple crap”, and calls Seth a Single Strategy God. When I started reading that post, I was first a bit put off by the language… But as I’m quite used to Jurgen being blunt (which he attributes to […]

Balance: Teaching vs. Coaching

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This is the first in a series of posts about finding and keeping your balance as an agile coach or change agent. I introduced the topic as a main theme on this blog a few weeks ago in Spotting the Balance. At the AgileCoachCamp, I committed to writing a post on this every two weeks, […]

Why I Don’t Attend Agile2011…

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As the Agile2011 conference is now underway and the Twitter stream is buzzing with interesting ideas, I start hearing from people who expected to see me in Salt Lake City… And asking why I am not. So I’ll give you a real-life example of Real Options and Last Responsible Moments…

Rome Rocks! —Day 2

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We closed the second night of our Rome visit listening to the amazing voice and guitar of SandsAcoustic. Before, we had climbed the top of Castel S. Angelo – which currently is open at night – and enjoyed a view of Rome at night. The building itself is quite astonishing too. So my two top […]

Roaming Rome—Day 1

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After some fourteen years, I today ended up in Italy again, for a four day metro-vacation in beautiful Rome. After a short flight from Berlin (delighted by AirBerlin’s service compared to our trip to Brussels last month with brussels airlines) my wife and I arrived at our venue: Suite Beccaria. It’s much smaller than we […]

Spotting the Balance

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At the AgileCoachCamp Germany last weekend, I hosted a session about Balance. As coaches, we are working on edges. Between order and chaos, command and self-organisation, the status quo and the status to be… Some of these edges we need to guard so that people don’t cross them. Some others we need to guard so that people […]

Katrin @Cuxdu Elster, Awesome Facilitator

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Some of you might have noticed the “Awesome Coach of the Week” series on the agile42 blog. It’s my way of giving back to the community what I’ve so selfishly taken from it during the last two years—positive energy. Yet, it is focused on Agile Coaches, and some of the awesome people I know have […]