fanatism is redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim. George Santayana

scaling agile doesn't work.

#1 commandment of corporate politics:
Cover Thine Arse.

agile != process

we are starving amid abundance

fundamental existential conflict

you deserve to love
what you do.

all of life is great, blooming ambiguity.

ambiguity generates anxiety.


the rules of what is
possible or not in software
have been made by people
who haven’t tested the bounds of the possible by going beyond them.

once upon a time… software development was new.

we've picked operational role models that were available.

"software engineering is dead." Tom DeMarco

Still relevant in 2009? Management NO Measurement NO Estimation NO



liquid scrum:
one constraint, and options.
You choose.

tomatoes and eggs
Johannes and Benedikt

we value people. period.

embrace mystery to surf complexity.

in true community we can transcend ambiguity.

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