Sponsoring ALE2016

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This year, I’m sponsoring a conference for the first time. Here I’m sharing why to inspire others to follow my lead.

Sponsoring ALE16

Giving Back

In the five years since its inception, the Agile Lean Europe community, ALE for short, has been generous to me. It has provided me with learning and leadership opportunities, great friends, role models, and trips to awesome places. I was invited to the conference twice, once by a sponsor, once as a keynote speaker. I was happy for that at the time, now I’m happy to return the favour and support the community that supported me.

ALE is unique in the way it’s integrating – countries, economies, families … One way we do that is by keeping it cheap, and giving the option to pay more or less.

This year, we– the ALE16 organisers – changed the setup to amplify the uniqueness of this event: no keynote speakers, no classical corporate sponsorship. instead, a simple way to contribute some money. Crowd-funding the sponsoring.

Community Leadership

Christine Neidhardt and I have started a Leadership Academy last October. The most positive impact of that on myself was that I grew my awareness of my own leadership qualities. To others they must have been obvious five years ago, when we organised ALE2011. I only recognise them now.

Part of leadership is consciously showing up. Making a visible point. Demonstrating support of what I want to see more of in this world.

I go to many conferences. I get invited to many conferences.

ALE16 is the one I’m sponsoring, because …

  • It’s the first agile conference to crowd-source sponsoring and support.
  • I am fully aligned with the “anarchy with a purpose” way of organising.
  • We need more sponsors.

That’s why I am sponsoring the event with 1.000€.

Practitioners Sharing

Most conferences I attend are events with two classes of people: On one hand there are the experts who talk, host workshops, facilitate; and on the other hand there’s the audience who pays to attend and listen. Then there are sponsors who advertise,exhibit their products and services, and make the conference economically viable in exchange.

ALE started out to be different – to be for and about practitioners sharing, because we care. This year, we are amplifying this and making the difference stronger: sponsoring is democratised – everyone is invited to sponsor.

You are Invited!

Thank you!

Thank you for having so far read this post.

So, this is my invitation to you: come to Paris in August and join our playing and learning and sharing!

And, if you are willing, chime in a few bucks to show your support and care. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10€ or 100€ or 1000€ – pick what you feel is fair and works for you.

The community will show its gratitude by being great. Prepare to be surprised!

Register or crowd-sponsor here.


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