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[amazon asin=”B000R4LGMA” template=”simpleimage”] “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” —Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full Of Sky

I just came back from the Agile2013 conference in Nashville, full of ideas and connections. This is a first set of impressions… For more pictures, see my full album on G+ (about 50 images).

Reading Commitment

Most-sold book at the conference: Commitment

[amazon asin=”9082056909″ template=”simpleimage”] Commitment by Olav Maassen, Chris Matts and Chris Geary was the book hit of the conference. My personal recommendation: best business novel since the goal, best management book of recent years. Funny, tense, pragmatic stuff you can use, great imagery (yes, it is a graphic novel). Olav and I were mistaken for one another a few times, which was funny too: he got acknowledged for Temenos, I got for the book. Good that the German translation is almost done, then I’ll be able to claim at least some contribution:-)

Monday started for me with the Real Options with Trust session I developed and hosted with Steve Holyer. Two key points in that session: Imagine something serendipitous that recently happened. How would that have been improved by planning? And: look at your options for a hard decision you’re facing? How do options change when you imagine you could fully trust everyone involved? Feedback was great, we all learned a lot!

Liz Keogh, Curious.

Liz Keogh, Curious.

Multiple people rocked my mind: Liz and Jukka are but two examples. Many rocked my heart as well, most of all my soulmate and business partner Michael Sahota.

I’m grateful for the appreciation and acknowledgement I got.

Jukka Lindström

Jukka Lindström on Focus

Our Speed Temenos session went really well. After about 20 minutes, when the story telling was not finished after the timebox, Michael asked how much more time participants needed. Someone shouted from the back, “we’ll stay late! just give more time!”

Story Telling in Temenos

Story Telling in Temenos

Leankit threw a huge party on a bridge downtown. Loved it. Sold & ran my first personal coaching session there (yes, during the party). Overall Michael and I did four sessions helping coachees with a clean slate during the conference. Thank you!

LeanKit Party Kanbaneroo

LeanKit Party Kanbaneroo

One thing concerned me quite substantially: the ever increasing presence of vendors and their models. A friend said, “we started this movement to get rid of stuff like that.” I couldn’t agree more. Will blog about that separately.

What were your experiences? What did you learn, what did you love?.

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  1. hala saleh (@HalaSaleh1)
    August 12, 2013

    Enjoying reading people’s accounts of the conference and seeing pictures from the “other side” – I wished I could split myself into 2 or 3 of me so I could experience all the different things going on!

    My main impression from the conference was the amount of rockstar quality found in everyone I met and talked to. There was something to learn from everyone.


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