Special Offer: Temenos Coaching at Agile2013

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Do you have a specific situation you’re struggling with?
A context in your life that doesn’t fulfill your vision?

Michael Sahota and Olaf Lewitz offer Temenos Coaching at Agile2013. It’s free to try, you pay by value. To reserve your time slot of one hour, talk to us or tweet us @MichaelSahota or @OlafLewitz. To learn more about Temenos, join our session on Wednesday, 10:45, in Bayou D.

Habits eat good intentions for breakfast

Good Intentions by @gapingvoid

What To Expect

Create habits that match your intentions: A central part of a Temenos lab is the Clean Slate. It helps you to make sense of and improve your behavior in a specific context: your work, your team, your relationship, your patterns… You pick a context that’s important for you. We will look at the complex system of your interactions with yourself and others, to discern success and sabotage strategies.

Michael or Olaf will guide you through that process, so that you become more aware of your chosen identity in that context, and more deliberate and intentional in your behavior..

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