Culture Fitness Training Berlin – First Impressions

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First Culture Fitness Training

On Monday and Tuesday I ran the first Culture Fitness Training in Berlin. The idea and the content was co-created with Steve Holyer.

Culture Fitness Training is an open interactive workshop designed to make sense of and influence the culture of an organisation. It’s based on my Culture and Climate Check, an in-house course. Both aim at creating awareness of the culture we want and learn heuristics and tools that help raising trust and focus on the behaviours and structures we want. Organisations that want to innovate and grow, want their people to flourish, need to offer an environment where it is safe to fail, so that we can experiment.

Workshop Topics

Evolving Agenda

Evolving Agenda

The course started with a sense-making map of options, coalescing around needs, methods, theory and models. In the beginning we focused on building trust, using StrategicPlay®, Core Protocols and Temenos elements to inspire story telling.

We shared our understanding of culture, what it is, how to influence it. I used my new Vision Temenos haiku deck for inspiration:

We closed day one with a KrisMap (named Momo) and a first feedback round.

After reflecting on learnings and re-setting expectation the next topic was Cynefin. We created and ordered a large number of decisions and constructed the model from the data.


Then we went back to StrategicPlay and created a shared vision of the culture we want. We closed the workshop with a NVC exercise and an intensive feedback round.

Thanks to all six participants for two great days. I’m grateful you invested your time, contributed to the content and suggested improvements. I’m grateful for Steve preparing this workshop with me. Thanks to microTOOL for hosting us.

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German Temenos lab with Christine Neidhardt September 12-14 near Nuremberg..


  1. Geir Amsjø
    July 28, 2013

    Thank you for running this Olaf! I really had two pleasant, challenging and inspiring days with you and the rest of this awesome bunch 🙂

    I loved the way you made the agenda into a “smorgasbord” of topics, carefully guided by you but not fixed in any way. We took the time to play with all the topics and to reflect a bit, but the restricted time made it hard to dig really deep into anything. I guess it would be easy to set up a one week version – both to make room for more reflection but also for covering more topics. Company culture and how to change it is really a big one!

    Generally I think culture and change are hugely neglected all over when it comes to “implementing agile”. The last 10 years have shown that agile is not only about practices and that training is necessary but not sufficient. Agile transitions are still highly unsuccessful – I would guess in 80-90% of the attempts. We need to address culture and change more explicitly in order to succeed more!

    Personally I am glad I had some knowledge already of most of the topics, and in a way the workshop was “advanced”. But I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to any Scrum Master, manager (with some ambitions to remove impediments) and other change agents.

    Looking forward to follow-up this after summer 🙂


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    January 17, 2015

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