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While elaborating options for my trust experiment, I have a new product idea I’d like your feedback on. It’s specifically targeted for startups, and easily adaptable to other organisations.

Culture & Climate Check

Is your organisation fit for growth?
Are you creating an environment for great teams and reliable delivery?
Do you make the impact you want?

Startups tend to naturally develop a collaborative and cultivating culture, enabling astonishing impact. Ensuing growth of the organisation and focus on service delivery frequently lead to situations where no one has paid attention to culture and climate in a while… And we notice we’ve lost something of great value.

Your situation may be different, and still culture is important to you. You know that people deliver your service, develop your products, and you want to leverage their potential. Our Culture & Climate Check can help you to

  • realise what you have so you can take care to keep it,
  • realise what you lost and how and take countermeasures to get it back, or
  • realise what you want and devise a strategy to get it.

What it costs

3k€ for one, 5k€ for a pair of consultants. The impact of two is more than twice the impact of one:

  • you get diverse viewpoints, conflicting ones if you’re lucky.
  • you have two independent people to call with questions and for support.
  • we bring twice as much experience.
  • we can have more conversations, and deepen our insight through tight feedback loops.

You pay less than twice as much because we value our own learning in the process. And working in a pair is more fun.

What we need

One or two days of your attention and presence, preferably with all or representative key staff of your organisation. The impact of our CCC depends more on your presence than on ours.

What you get

Two days of expert facilitation and guidance, preferably given with two different voices.
A retrospective on your culture and climate.
A vision of the culture you want.
A strategy with clear first steps to take.


Your Feedback, Contribution…

Will you help me with your feedback, your suggestions how to improve this idea? Would you like to collaborate on the design of this workshop, pair with me delivering it? Do you know organisations who’d benefit from it and want to test it? I want to start CCCing in June:-).

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