Trust Experiment, Day 1

Wow. About 15h after my first tweet of the Trust Experiment post, you’ve blown my mind. Before, my blog had had 245 views on its most busy day. That was in September 2011, when we organised the ALE2011 conference…

Some Data

Today, my blog had more than 500 views, 432 of which were of the new post. Thank you! The referrers astonished me, as Google+ apparently was way more effective than Twitter:

Referrer Views
Google+ 142
Twitter 97
Facebook 23

My tweet was retweeted 21 times, the post on google was +1’d 27 and reshared 17 times… Thank you!


Many of you have already used comments, conversations, and email to indicate that you wish me well, like this experiment, want to work with me… I’m grateful. I’ve never done stage-diving, or crowd-surfing as Amanda calls it in her video, and I guess this it how that must feel like.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


Many have asked about what specifically I want. Or what I can do. I plan to continue writing over the next few days to frame this experiment in a more specific way. I didn’t do that at the start as I didn’t want to limit my options. I want to be independent in order to find out what I can do, and I won’t do that if I keep doing what I did before. You may still surprise me:-)

Good night. It’s been a beautiful day..

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