Magnificence Mantra



We are good,
Destined to be great.

Being great
Working together
We create a context
For magnificence.

Sometimes, we hesitate.
We surrender to the past.
We want certainty
Like to feel safe
While certainty inhibits growth
Safety inhibits magnificence
By limiting our options,
Our awareness
Our ability to see and absorb

We need to ask for help.
We need to raise awareness
Of our biases,
Awareness of how these
Limit our options,
Limit our creative minds,
Limit our connections,
Block the relational flow of love
We need to create magnificence.

Asking for help
Expresses our vulnerability
Enables generosity
And bonds us to our goal
And to each other.

By asking for help
We uncover the things
We don’t know we don’t know
We forge a shared vision
Out of mastery and purpose
To deliberately discover
A magnificent future.

Our shared vision
Our vulnerable, generous connectedness
Creates a landscape,
A phase space,
A platform, a context,
For new and better options
To emerge.

We are pioneers
Enjoying the New
Stretching the potential of the present
Seeking places which need us
Visiting influencers
Inspiring to ask for help.

The journey
will sometimes be fun,
sometimes tenuous,
sometimes exhausting.
We remind each other
to stop,
and regain our balance.

We create safe spaces
To experiment
To audaciously collaborate
To love
To dance with uncertainty.

We will not stop.
We will help and ask for help
As long
As you
Consider certainty

Every day,
In every way,
We get better
And better
And better.

Thank you
Pascal Pinck
Siraj Sirajuddin
Ivana Gancheva
Melli Meinen
Chris Matts
Liz Keogh
Tobias Mayer
Martin Kearns
Jim McCarthy
For loving responses
When I asked for help.

Thank you
Derek Wade
Matt Barcomb
Curtis Cooley
For challenging immersive dialogue
That pulled me
To write this..


  1. YvesHanoulle
    June 12, 2012

    yes, I live in this world.

  2. J. B. Rainsberger
    June 13, 2012

    My next step focuses on regaining balance. I hadn’t put that in words until now. Thanks.

  3. Thorsten
    June 16, 2012

    Thanks for writing and sharing these words, Olaf. It feels so good to have a mindset-family!

    Take care!!!

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