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Starting with Richard Lawrence in April, I’ve since then written one blog post per week about peers and friends that I value greatly as being awesome coaches. The name of the series is Awesome Coaches of the Week and it’s on the blog of the awesome company I work for: agile42. The first person who spots the striking coincidence between the two sites gets a beer the next time I meet hir.

Yves asked yesterday how he could get a mail every time I published one of these posts, and that triggered an idea I’d had a while ago: to create a digest page which I’ll regularly update with new posts so you can bookmark it. And subscribe to changes…

This also gives me a space to explain why I do this. You’ve probably heard that people don’t care what you do but why you do it? (If not, watch Simon Sinek’s amazing TED talk on the topic!)

Over the last nearly two years, I’ve been selfishly taking positive energy from the community I joined and this is my way of returning it. (I think it was a balanced thing before, because it’s not the only thing I do, but it sounds better that way.) So many people have inspired me, been role models, lead me, criticised and hugged me in the most awesome way. Most of these are agile coaches, so to start a blog series about these people, making their awesomeness public, seemed a natural thing to do. So far I got good feedback, so I think I’ll continue… I’ve reached ten today, which is another good reason for this summary.


You’re all invited to suggest awesome coaches for this series. Or, better, write a guest post about someone you think is awesome! The format is simple: find three awesome aspects of that person and write a few sentences on each. Add a few pictures if you want, or a video, and you’re done… Use the comments to volunteer, contact me on Twitter, or drop me an email.

The Cast (In Order Of Appearance)

Richard Lawrence

Paolo “Nusco” Perrotta

Mike Sutton

Marc Bless

Ken Power

Liz Keogh

Jens Hoffmann

Marc @Scrumphony Löffler

Yves Hanoulle

J. B. @JBRains Rainsberger

Sebastian Schürmann

Michael Sahota

Andreas Leidig

Chris Matts

Bob Sarni

Martin Kearns

Brad Swanson

Stephen Parry

Dave Sharrock



One More Thing…

There are quite a few people I know who are awesome, but not coaches. There is a place for them as well…


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