You Deserve to Love What You Do.

  • “Olaf showed us with clarity and empathy, where our enterprise had potential for success as well as blind spots. His efforts to take people along on all steps and put them at the centre of successful action, have been an impressive role model for acting in a leadership position.”

    - Mathias Plica, CEO at
  • “If you engage with Olaf I know you will get:

    • a thinking individual
    • a caring person
    • a man with initiative and drive
    • an excellent communicator and connector
    • lots of hugs

    I am giving my best recommendations to Olaf and know that by engaging with him you will not be disappointed.”

    - Sergey Dmitriev, CEO, Business Agility Coach at Unusual Concepts
  • “Olaf is a well grounded Scrum coach who helped our teams to think more out of the box. He has respect for people and talked to everyone at eye level, which was the foundation for our trustful collaboration with him.”

    - Christian Beck, Scrum Master, MeVis Medical Solutions AG

I am the Trust Artist. I pay exquisite attention. I raise the level of consciousness in individuals and organisations.
You deserve to love what you do, and be loved for what you do.
Let me help you to trust yourself and others, to discover who you are, what you want, and who you want to become.
You will gain clarity and courage to let go of those things which sabotage your success.
I will share your pain and help you discover your successful self.

I’ve been helping organisations improve since 1998.
I started using XP in 1999. I have been agile all my life.
I’m a Certified Enterprise Coach and proud of it.
I’ve worked with and influenced hundreds of organisations.

There are thousands of coaches world-wide.
And of those, only 94 are Certified Enterprise Coaches.
And there is only one Trust Artist.

I am the Trust Artist.

Olaf The Trust Artist

Olaf The Trust Artist