How Are You Doing That?

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When I published the blog post during Esther Derby’s keynote at XP2011 this morning, Simon asked:


referring to the fact that I managed to do, as he called it “(quality) real time keynote blogging”. What he didn’t know was that at the same time I was finishing off my prezi for the lighting talk that is about to start in 15min…

Referring to Pat Kua‘s lightning talk about Dreyfuss’ learning model, I can’t tell you because experts can’t explain how they do it…

But then, Thorsten gave me an amazing idea to think about: What if I was a dissociative identity, with a high-performing team of background-processing personalities? Interesting thought, but I still do not know. The question remains, how these guys would share one keyboard…

I did some research into how I manage my work, with led to the writing of the Shu-Ha-Ri model of #LeanProcrastination. If you need coaching on Procrastination, I’m there to help.

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